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Aug 13, 2010

The Original Watercolor Paintings Featured on Card Line Available!

Original Watercolor 'Thanks' Frog; license date 2005; 5" x 7"
I am thrilled to announce that the original watercolor paintings that were first licensed in 2005 are now available!  These first three paintings were the basis to the 'Frog Line' that has been sold over 1600 times--with each print being sold over 300 times each.  Feel free to do an internet search for these guys--you'll find them just about everywhere!  (hint:  kerra lindsey frog or icansketchu frog).

Each painting comes signed with a certificate of authenticity and first licensed date.  They are whimsical in nature and made with the finest artist grade paints and Arches cold-pressed watercolor paper.  These would make a great gift and a collectable!  You can't find these any where else!

More will be available soon as I know the Pink Flamingo Line, (my most popular line that has been sold in 15 countries!), has been requested often.  Have an original in mind that you'd like?  Just let me know via email and I'll see if it's still available. 


Jul 31, 2010

Art With An Infant

After chasing the little guy away from the dog dish for the 20th time, dinner, clean up, bath and, of course, going out for an adventure with the older two boys, I headed back to the 'cheese' covered painting from yesterday morning.  Seems the smear wasn't too bad and was able to salvage what is to be the 'I'm So Sorry' kitty-cat.  Which, I have to tell you, I find ironic now.  :)

I received an email yesterday from Zazzle letting me know I was picked for their 'Best Awards' page--woo hoo!  Big grins from that an a great motivator to get my hands back in those paints.  It was a design from the Pink Flamingo Line--two pink flamingos who recently got married.   A big thank-you for picking that design!

I'm off to sneak in a few watercolor layers while the little guy is still sleeping--here's hoping I don't add a layer of coffee to go along with it.


Jul 30, 2010

Art With An Infant

Ah--another day in the life of Art With An Infant!  What will the day bring?  Who knows!  I found myself juggling my artwork around--this time it's landed on the kitchen table.  While I balanced the little guy's breakfast on his tray, I thought I'd steal a few moments to work on this little kitty-cat series I recently started.  Ha!  Nice thought--bad application.

After retrieving his 'accidentally' dropped sippy cup four times, I realized my time was not being well managed. So, time for some toast-art!  After gathering up his munched on toast we found this golfing man below.  
Toast Golfing
He's not a masterpiece by any means, but, of course, it was silly fun to make something out of his remnants.

While the baby takes a morning nap I think I'll try my hand again at those cats.  Perhaps I should make sure my hands are free of food bits first, (made the mistake of picking up a painting and oops!  Cheese now on the edge--geesh!).  

You know what a plus is to Art With An Infant?  My own mess gets overlooked as he's trumped me every time with his own!
Poor kitty-cat on the right now with cheese

Have your own art with your little one?  Share it here!  
Off I go--back to the table!



Jul 29, 2010

Art With An Infant

My little Picasso and art partner.  :)

Love art?  Does the thought of a paint brush in your hand bring a grin and inspiration to create?  Hmm--ever tried your hand at art?  That is, with an infant?  The results may surprise you--and they're not what you're thinking.  Art seems to take on a whole new dimension when you're adding in a little one--a little one that decides what and where art is going to be created.  For example, over breakfast this morning, (a nice surprise at 5:30 am), I caught myself creating a masterpiece.  I know, right?  Who would have thought I could have painted a little one's face with cereal and yogurt in such a fashion as to resemble a movie-zombie make-up-artist-style?  Better yet, after eating, as I set my freshly cleaned baby down, I looked down and wha-la!  Instant artwork on my white t-shirt!  It was gorgeous--very 'picasso' like in it's entirety.  Looking at it in the mirror, I could make out different shapes and colors--perhaps it was a jungle scene?  Or maybe a person running down an alley?  I'm wondering if I should just photograph these 'designs' and start posting them as 'new art for the milenium'?  Seems to be the only real art I've been creating as of late, (credit given to the infant, too, of course).
Creativity come in all forms!

What's your style of art with an infant?  Do you have painted walls of sweet potatoes?  Or maybe a circle of rice and peas in an eye catching pattern on the floor?  I'm going to start a collection just for giggles sake.  Ah--only a few hours left until 'we' can create another masterpiece.  I can hardly wait!


Jul 28, 2010

Artists Network - Jen''s Picks: Realistic Drawing Tips

Artists Network - Jen''s Picks: Realistic Drawing Tips

Keys to accurate drawings:

If you can't put a name to the object you are drawing, it's not likely that your mind will predetermine how that object should look in a drawing. Below are two exercises that will help you banish pre-conceived ideas while you observe and draw.

Begin by drawing two squares with the sides of at least 3 inches, (7.6 cm) long. Squares that are much smaller than this will cramp your work space. Keep in mind that teeny tiny drawings allow the creation of teeny tiny errors, which are much harder to see and correct.

Working within a square will provide vertical and horizontal boundary lines for making comparisons. As you observe the shapes within the square's perimeter, ask yourself these questions:

How close to the perimeter is each shape?

How do the angles formed by the shapes compare to vertical and horizontal?

Do the shapes cross through the center of the swaure and if so, by how much?

How does each shape compare in size to ther others around it?
What do the empty spaces surrounding the shapes look like and how large are they?

Making these comparisons will help you see the subject in a anew, more comprehensive way. now, try to draw the shapes in the boxes with as much accuracy as you can.

Jul 26, 2010

Whimsical Feel Better Soon Pink Flamingo Humor Greeting Cards from

Whimsical Feel Better Soon Pink Flamingo Humor Greeting Cards from

You know what's worse than 'feeling blue'? Feeling that way for even one more day! Whether it's a break-up, a job-loss, even just everyday things taking over, don't let it go on any longer. Send your friend a quick pick-me-up in the mail with this personalizable card! Created in watercolor in a whimsical style. This 'once pink' flamingo bird is part of the official Pink Flamingo Line!

Jul 23, 2010

Master a Technique Every Painter Needs

Master a Technique Every Painter Needs
The process of underpainting has such a buttoned-up reputation. If it were cast in a movie, it would be the uptight, by-the-book stickler that no one wants to hangout with. But there’s another side to underpainting—one that’s freewheeling with an “anything goes” attitude. It allows artists to take a dry run at the canvas, working out compositional questions and value issues or mapping out a complex color scheme while keeping a lot of options open so that painting can evolve organically.

Spacer 5x5 pixels   Spacer 5x5 pixels  
The multi-hued underpainting of
The Bouquet by John Taye.
      The Bouquet by John Taye,
2008, oil, 16 x 12.
Most artists tend to work gesturally when underpainting. They block in large elements or passages of color and save the fine details for the final stages of the piece. But beyond that, there are no hard and fast rules about the process. Although underpaintings historically tend to be monochromatic, with pigments used for an almost watercolorlike effect, artists can also incorporate multiple colors into underpaintings or play off adjacent complements, much like Seurat and Signac did, as well as contemporary artist John Taye.
Spacer 5x5 pixels Spacer 5x5 pixels
Columbia Clouds by Scott Gellatly    
Spacer 10x10 pixels    
An underpainting can also invigorate areas of a composition that are fairly uniform but also have many facets to them, such as large expanses of air or water. Laying down blue over orange or green over red and allowing parts of an underpainting to push through can help capture light and atmospheric effects on canvas and adds vibrancy and visual interest to the final painting.
So in a twist fit for daytime soap operas, a dull and tedious underpainting can actually become a free-spirited process that allows us to work according to our artistic needs and style. You can create a dress rehearsal for your work and also start to understand how painting masters created complex color layers and luminous light effects. How do you approach underpainting in your work? Leave a comment and let us know. And for a better understanding of the material aspects of your chosen medium, The Encyclopedia of Oil Painting Techniques, The Encyclopedia of Acrylic Techniques, and The Encyclopedia of Pastel Techniques are available and may give you insight on how underpainting—and more—contributes to the versatile visual effects of each medium.

Jul 22, 2010

Open Call to Artists! Big Awards!

What would you create for $5,000, three months in NYC, and your very own art show? You have the vision and now 3rd Ward is offering you a place in the international art world. You are invited to submit a portfolio of your best completed artwork, work-in-progress or conceptual proposal for our Summer Solo Show. A 3rd Ward Membership not required.

Call to artists! :)

Jul 21, 2010

Imagekind Link Found! Where are the rest?

Have you been in Imagekind?  Wow!  What fun looking through all different types of art!  Fine art, whimsical designs--even graphical creations!  Something for eveyone for sure!

I've recently been trying to consolidate my portfolio--you know, leave out the 'er, what the?' images and leave only 'the good stuff'.    This has found me searching through all the sites I've participated with over the years, (since 1994), and what a challenge!  Emails lost in the mass of sites--how to link these all together in one spot?  Hmm--still pondering here as I go through them one by one making lists.  At this point it's pretty overwhelming for sure.

The reason I mention imagekind is because of their layout format--it seems to be one of the best out there.  They have quality products, easy ordering and pretty thorough customer service if you do need help.  Nice!

Stop by if you get a chance--it's candy for the art oriented eyes!


Jul 20, 2010

Car Auto Wreck Accident Paper Greeting Card from

Another successful 'I draw for YOU!' card! A special request from our new form on the website

Just send me an email of what you'd like-be as specific as possible about your desired theme.
I will confirm via email for you, send you the link to YOUR new card for purchase, and it's shipped off to you or your desired recipient--easy!

I'm just an email away for YOUR card--you can email me at:


Jul 8, 2010

Networked Blogs on Facebook

Trying out a new application on facebook where you can implement blog updates automatically.  Hopefully this works!  :)

Jun 22, 2010

Space Is Full Through July

Thank you to everyone for your support in the fund-raiser for the Wound Warrior Project!

Due to the high demand of commission paintings, space is full until the end of July 2010, though I am still accepting reservations for future paintings.

You can still support this fundraiser by purchasing cards, or posters and more by referencing your purchase to my email:

Thanks again!  It's such a worthwhile and rewarding program for all involved.


May 25, 2010

Come and Join Us On Facebook!

I personally invite you to join our chat on facebok about art and free speech, (drawing, too!), in America.
Look forward to seeing you there!

May 22, 2010

Official Image Now Available from Everybody Draw Muhammed Day on Facebook

This is an issue of free speech--not about hate.

Well, here is the link to the offical image from Everybody Draw Muhammed Day on 4/20/2010.  If you missed the debate, don't worry--you can still go and visit the site with over 108,500 members and climbing EVERY minute!

This is the ONLY place to grab a piece of digital history in hard copy form!

Here's an excerp from the group:
"NOTE TO THOSE WHO ARE OFFENDED: We are not hating on Muslims or the religion of Islam. We are simply strongly dissatisfied with the actions that certain groups (which happen to be Islamic) have taken. But if the same situation were happening with another religious group, or for that matter with a group that weren't religious at all, we would be equally indignant."

Want to go straight to the group?  Here's the link:!/group.php?gid=121507624529752&v=wall

May 3, 2010

Unbelievable "Tape Art" !

I saw this artist today from a link from Cheap Joe's Art Supply store and wanted to share it--impressive!

Mixed media artist Mark Khaisman layers translucent packing tape on Plexiglas panels to create images that have the shadow and depth of large scale paintings. “My Tape Art is a conversation with light,” he explains. “I started it like a traditional stained glass artist, but with tape I found I could continue my conversation with light, but in a more expedient manner.” Each piece takes Khaisman about a week to complete; he draws from his training as an architect to create a plan, but then allows the tape to guide his course. Click through for more pieces from his “There’s a Frame Missing” series.

Apr 11, 2010

Kerra Lindsey Paintings: Wounded Warrior Project Fundraiser

Kerra Lindsey Paintings: Wounded Warrior Project Fundraiser

Wounded Warrior Project Fundraiser

This is a non-profit venture geared towards our military men and woman who have been injured and wounded in combat.  This fundraiser is geared specifically to Project Odyssey for the Wounded Warrior Project(source:

Wounded Warrior Project believes in the power of nature and recreation to help warriors dealing with combat stress. Project Odyssey, an outdoor rehabilitative retreat that combines adventure challenges with opportunities for peer support and group processing, was created to support warriors in their recovery from combat stress.

Recreational experiences ranging from rock climbing in the Black Hills of South Dakota to herding cattle on Wildcatter Ranch, encourage personal growth among participants and team building within the warrior community.

In conjunction with the National Park Service, Project Odyssey takes place on a variety of geographical locations over the course of five days. Past event sites include Wildcatter Resort & Ranch in Graham, Texas; Marriott Cocoa Beach in Miami, Florida; National Ability Center, Park City, Utah; Acadia National Park in Maine. Each location offers a unique experience that is different from the last and varies based on geographical resources.

Partnering with the Vet Centers across the country, Wounded Warrior Project recruits combat warriors from across the country who are currently enrolled in counseling services. Odyssey allows participants to continue their therapeutic journey in a novel, dynamic setting with peers and support from Wounded Warrior Project and Vet Center professionals.

This fund-raiser will send ALL proceeds to Project Odyssey.

There are several ways to donate to this fundraiser:

  1. * Purchase any 'Support Our Troops' item from and send an email of the purchase to with subject "Wounded Warrior Fund"
  2. * Commission any painting/portrait and reference this fundraiser
  3. * Purchase any greeting card and email the purchase with reference to "Wounded Warrior Fund" to

I have served in the United States military myself and have been married to a special operations soldier for almost twenty years.  Our close ties to our military men and woman have created a live-long pursuit in their long term well being and appreciation for their service.

Together we can give peace of mind and reasurance to our military men and woman that their sacrifices have not been in vain.

Mar 26, 2010

Artist Daily Avoid Pitfalls of Working from Photographs

March 26, 2010
I just love this excerb from American Artist and though I would share it with you.   Great reminder to not let photos dictate YOUR art!  The source reference is below. 

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Working from Photographs

El Mercado by Mark Haworth,

2006, oil, 16 x 20. Private collection.

Winter Stream by Denise LaRue Mahlke,

2008, pastel, 14 x 18. Private collection.

I’ve spent way too much time in murky classrooms looking at slides, slides, and more slides. I’m convinced that the entire academic field of art history would grind to a halt without projectors, carousels, and slides. But what is weird about looking at so many images is that I find myself thinking that I know exactly what a sculpture or a painting really looks like because I’ve seen a photograph of it. Photographs can never tell you the full story of an object, landscape, or person’s face, but they are convenient references for artists. The reality is that most artists use source photos in some capacity when they work, whether to jog their memory of a particular place and time or to record specific visual details to incorporate in later pieces.

But to produce a successful piece of art, an artist has to be wary and attentive to what he or she is seeing—and not seeing—in a photograph. That starts with understanding the limitations of reference photos. Artist Mark Haworth, whose landscapes were featured in American Artist’s March 2009 issue, puts it this way: “The camera cannot see like the eye can when it comes to color accuracy, depth of field, and the warms and cools of highlights and shadows. There’s a lot of distortion that comes along with photographs.”

Pastel artist and instructor Denise LaRue Mahlke, a finalist in the American Artist 2009 cover competition, agrees. “Following a photo to a ‘T’ is a big mistake, because the camera lies,” she says. “Photos can be indispensible as a jumping off point, but even if the photo is an excellent one, you want to reinvent the scene for a painting to work.”

Haworth, for one, puts decidedly less emphasis on reference photos than on preliminary sketches made on-site or notes written in the field. “When I’m traveling through an area, I write what I am seeing,” he says. “My notes often give me what I can’t get in a picture. Photos don’t give the subtleties I look for to capture the look and feel of a place.”

When Mahlke is on-site and doesn’t have time to paint, she’ll often do the same—sketch and take notes. But she acknowledges that sometimes she takes as many photos as she can. “Having that multitude of photos can give you a lot to work with,” she says. “When I’m ready to start a piece, I’ll pull from many different photos for inspiration and do thumbnail sketches to familiarize myself with the subject and composition I’m working toward.”

I asked Haworth and Mahlke if constantly referring back to photos can lead to overworking or to a painting filled with a bunch of little details instead of a cohesive composition. Both artists knew just what I meant. “It can go from painting to documenting,” says Haworth. “You can take in all the details and go crazy.”

Another point both artists stressed is the importance of working from photos they’ve taken themselves. “When using someone else’s photos, you aren’t painting your own concepts, just copying,” says Mahlke. “I tell my students, ‘Work from your own photos—your ideas are there.’”

What’s more, a reference photo, no matter who clicked the shutter, shouldn’t lead to a sense of obligation to show exactly what is depicted in the shot. Instead, an artist should feel free and inspired to manipulate or leave behind a reference any way he or she chooses. That assures there’s vitality in a piece of art and means you won’t miss seeing—and hopefully recapturing—the moments that will make a painting great.

In every issue of American Artist, practicing artists share their experiences and insights so that every reader comes away with creative and technical food for thought, and many offer advice about the advantages and potential pitfalls of working with photographs. The May 2010 issue is available now.

Courtney Jordan is Editor of Artist Daily.

Shop Art Resources at

American Artist May 2010 issue

cover art by Patricia Watwood

Interweave, 201 E. 4th St., Loveland, CO 80537

©2010 Interweave Press, LLC. All rights reserved

Mar 16, 2010

Living Paintings Found!

Wow!  Check out these original painting ideas--and see with what flare they've been created!  They really make you look and look again!

Mar 8, 2010

Coupons and Discounts

Icansketchu is now offering printable coupons!  Just click on the link to get 10% off any commissioned painting or portrait.  A wonderful way to celebrate an anniversary, promotion or retirement!  Get even more savings, (an extra 5%!) when you refer a friend!

Military affiliated?  That is truly a specialty here--ask about a tribute painting of your soldier!

Mar 7, 2010

Artist Alley: Jean Skipper Owner Opening First Friday Night

Oh my--what a delight on a Friday night!

Artist Alley gallery in downtown Southern Pines, NC,  is a treat for the eyes as well for the soul.  They were open late this past friday night, March 5th, for 'First Friday' of the month.  I had an opportunity to meet the owner, Jean Skipper, who is featured to the left, and have a chance to chat with her.  Her personality was purely inviting and her comedic sense was in overdrive.  Not only does she run the shop downtown, but she also caters to an online audience on Etsy.

When I first walked in I was greeted with smiles and chatter of both patrons and artists, (not to mention an offer of a little wine and snacks galore that were spread out throughout her shop), the paintings were more than impressive.  These were no fly-the-wind pieces, either--you could really see the attention to detail and thoughtfulness behind the pieces in their composition, hues, and values.  Jean has some wonderful artists featured throughout her eclectic gallery--there is everything from highly detailed large paintings, to pottery, walking canes and metal sculptures and even hand-made silver dollar rings.  There's something for everyone!  She has everything displayed so you have access to look up close and around each piece available.

In the front of the shop I first noticed these beautiful brass and copper pendants that feature all kind of sweet and funny sayings that are stamped right into the metal.  Come to find out, these were some of Jean's pieces that she creates herself.  They are truly unique and can be found on Etsy as well.

I also had a chance to meet some other artist who were there visiting:  Kathy Miller, (pictured left), and Diane Kraudelt.  Kathy has a fine eye and highly tuned hand to create her beautiful paintings.  She is featured here with some of her boxes that she has painted in acrylic and then lacquered to keep their beauty.  If you click on her name above you can browse through some examples of her work and see the amazing details found in her style.

 Diane (pictured right), has a style that is truly her own with beautiful landscapes and a harmonizing eye for color balance that stands out.  She also creates whimsical animals that make you grin with just a glance.  The animals have strong conture lines and whimsical edge with truly an artistic flare.  Care for a close-up?  You can click on Diane's name above for a visit to her website.

With the inviting atmosphere, pleasant gallery layout and personable hosts one couldn't go wrong with this gem of a shop.  Looking for an artistic treat for your home or business--or perhaps a truly unique gift for a loved one at a reasonable price?  Take a stroll through Southern Pines and stop in on E. New Hampshire Street--where Artist Alley is a pleasant treat!

Mar 3, 2010

Excellent Upcoming Artist Opportunities: Performing, General, Visual

Informatino originating from: North Carolina Arts Council | Department of Cultural Resources | Raleigh, NC 27699 | US
919.807.6500 | |

Wednesday 3rd March 2010

Artist Opportunities
The N.C. Arts Council is pleased to share the following opportunities for artists that have recently been submitted to us. Please contact the organization listed if you have any questions.
The Arts Council does not endorse or recommend any specific opportunities, but provides this list for information only. We encourage artists to research each opportunity thoroughly before applying. Artist opportunities may be submitted to

General Artist Opportunities
MetLife Foundation
The MetLife Foundation Innovative Space Awards (ISA) program recognizes, rewards, and promotes successful artist space development projects that exhibit innovation, affordability for artists, sustainability and community impact. The national awards program emphasizes the role affordable artist space projects play in community revitalization and socially progressive community development, and will increase awareness of replicable, sustainable approaches and models. In December 2009, the MetLife Foundation Innovative Space Awards awarded from $10,000 to $50,000 to support six winning projects. This is the second and final awards cycle.

Deadline: April 25
For more information:

Performing Arts
Arts Council of Lincoln County, Lincolnton
Poets and acoustic musicians are invited to sign up now for a poetry/music open mic during the Lincolnton Arts Crawl on Friday, March 19. The Court Street Grille in downtown Lincolnton will open its new LOFT venue from 5:30 until 9 p.m. for the occasion, which will also feature exhibits by local artists.

Deadline: March 19
For more information: Visit or contact Katie Henderson Selph at or (704) 240-8295 to sign up.

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, Baltimore, Md.
The National Endowment for the Arts and Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation announce the availability of guidelines for the 2009–2010 cycle of USArtists International (USAI), a program designed to support American performing artists at international festivals. USAI provides support for American dance, music and theater artists who have been invited to participate in international festivals anywhere in the world outside of the United States.

Deadline: May 3
For more information:

Visual Arts
Art With a View, Raleigh
Steven Silverleaf of Art with a View is seeking artists for shows of 12 to 20 works to be exhibited on the corporate campus of Red Hat Inc. in Raleigh.

Deadline: Ongoing
For more information: Contact Steven Silverleaf at or (919) 929-2725.

Street Gallery, New York, N.Y.
Artists at any stage in their careers are invited to submit their work for consideration for a temporary public art project for New York streetscapes — The Street Gallery: Gatescapes Public Art. "Gatescapes" are large-format, billboard-sized vinyl placed on roll-down security gates — initially in New York, and in Los Angeles by mid-year. Woven into this advertising program is an opportunity for artists to utilize these sites in four-week timeframes between ad displays for the installation of temporary public artworks.

Deadline: Ongoing
For more information: Visit, e-mail or call (917) 523-6228.

Dare County Arts Council, Manteo
OB Can is a community arts project that addresses the problem of littering on the beaches of Nags Head. The goal is to promote recycling and the cleanup of our beaches to maintain the natural beauty of our community. Artists are invited to apply to paint a brand new trash can that will grace the beaches throughout Nags Head. These finished works of art will be located at each beach and sound access. Artists living in Dare County or who are members of the Dare County Arts Council may apply for the jury process.

Deadline: March 11
For more information: Visit or call (252) 473-5558.

City of San José, N.M.
The City of San José Public Art Program is seeking an experienced public artist or team to collaborate with the planning team for the San José/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant. The selected artist/team will work collaboratively with the consultants to provide an artist's perspective on the overall design of the plant, as well as identify opportunities to include public art of their design (or by others) into the development of the plant.

Deadline: March 11
For more information: Visit or contact Patricia Walsh at or (408) 277-5144, ext. 18.

The Rockville Art & Craft Festival, Rockville, Md.
The Rockville Art & Craft Festival is a two-day outdoor event Saturday, May 29, and Sunday, May 30. The festival jury will select artists to fill approximately 70 available artist booths. All original art and craft is eligible, including but not limited to wood, glass, fiber, photography, metal, printmaking, sculpture, painting, pottery, jewelry, drawing and mixed media.

Deadline: March 12
For more information: Contact Holly Haliniewski at or call (240) 314-8640 to request an application.

Denver Office of Cultural Affairs, Colo.
The Denver Office of Cultural Affairs seeks to commission an artist or team of artists to create site-specific artwork for the Stapleton Branch Library, a new facility being built at Roslyn Drive and 29th Avenue. The project is open to all artists in the U.S. working in all media and materials.

Deadline: March 12
For more information:

Bradenton Downtown Development Authority, Bradenton, Fl.
The Bradenton DDA Public Art Advisory Board seeks to commission original art or a series of artwork that will signify the entrance or access points to the neighborhood known as the Village of the Arts.

Deadline: March 15
For more information: Visit for a complete call to artists or contact Ann Wykell at

Visual Art Exchange, Raleigh
Visual Art Exchange will be jurying in March 2010 for VAE members to feature in the Exchange Gallery from July 2010–June 2011. VAE coordinates professional monthly exhibitions of four or five featured artists in its smaller front retail gallery. The call is open to all VAE members working in any medium. Sculpture and jewelry artists will be considered separately from two-dimensional artists and are encouraged to apply.

Deadline: March 17
For more information:

Rhode Island Public Transit Authority, Providence, R.I.
RIPTA will accept proposals for a custom bus shelter on Charles Street. The goal of this project is to enhance the experience of those traveling through Charles Street business district by providing seating and shelter from the weather while introducing unique design elements to the streetscape environment.

Deadline: March 18
For more information: Visit or e-mail

The Arts Center at the Imperial Centre, Rocky Mount
The Arts Center at the Imperial Centre in Rocky Mount announces a call to artists for the 53rd National Juried Exhibition Friday, June 4, through Sunday, Sept. 19.

Deadline: March 22
For more information: Visit to download a prospectus or contact Catherine Coulter at or (252) 972-1175.

Denver Office of Cultural Affairs, Colo.
The Denver Office of Cultural Affairs seeks to commission one or more artists or teams of artists to create site-specific artwork for a new state-of-the-art police crime lab. The new facility will occupy a prominent corner in the Golden Triangle/Civic Center neighborhood at 14th Avenue and Cherokee Street.

Deadline: March 26
For more information:

Weatherspoon Art Museum at UNC Greensboro
The Weatherspoon Art Museum is currently accepting submissions for its biennial exhibition Art on Paper 2010 which will be held Sunday, Nov. 7, through Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011. This exhibition presents a broad range of contemporary art in which the use of paper, either as a surface or material, is a primary consideration.

Deadline: March 31
For information: Visit to download a prospectus or contact or (336) 334-5770.

Orange County Artists Guild, Carrboro
The Orange County Artists Guild and Market Street at Southern Village have joined to create an exciting outdoor spring art show for 2010 — Arts on The Green at Southern Village, Saturday, May 1, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. With live entertainment throughout the day, along with fabulous art, attendance is expected in the thousands.

Deadline: March 31
For more information: Visit or contact Deborah Harris at

City of Chattanooga, Tenn.
The City of Chattanooga is seeking proposals for Jefferson Heights Park which will be exhibited June 2010–December 2011. Works can be in any media, functional or non-functional, and must be suitable for outdoors. Two works will be selected for installation in the newly constructed neighborhood park and will be on loan for a period of 18 months. Each artist or artist team may submit existing works or proposed works for consideration.

Deadline: March 31
For more information: Download a pdf or contact Peggy Townsend at or (423) 643-6096.

The Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County
The Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County is seeking proposals from artists to transform a series of five inoperable, corrugated metal doors to be hung on the side walls of the new HanesBrands Theatre in the new Downtown Center for the Arts in Winston-Salem. The arts council will consider proposals from professional artists in Forsyth County and surrounding counties (Yadkin, Stokes, Davidson, Davie and Surry) and from artists who have ties to Winston-Salem.

Deadline: March 31
For more information: Visit or contact Rebecca Parker at or (336) 722-2585, ext. 121.

Local Color Gallery, Raleigh
Local Color will host a Plein Air Paint Out on Saturday, April 17, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Prize-winning paintings and other selected paintings will be displayed in Crema on Fayetteville Street for the month of June.

Deadline: April 14
For more information: E-mail or call (919) 754-3887 for an application.

Randolph Arts Guild, Asheboro
The City of Asheboro, in conjunction with the Asheboro/Randolph Chamber of Commerce and the Randolph Arts Guild, invites you to submit work for the fifth annual downtown sculpture exhibition. The sculptures will be sited in the Asheboro downtown area and are to remain on exhibit from June 2010 through November 2011.

Deadline: April 15
For more information: Visit or contact Derrick Sides at (336) 629-0399.

International Association for the Study of Dreams, Berkeley, Calif.
A juried exhibition of dream-inspired art will be on display during three days of the annual IASD conference. The exhibition will be held Monday, June 28, through Wednesday, June 30, at the Crowne Plaza Resort in Asheville. All artists and media are welcome to apply. Cash prizes will be awarded.

Deadline: April 23
For more information:

Jackson County Green Energy Park, Dillsboro
Jackson County Green Energy Park is now accepting submissions for the third annual sculpture competition. The jury will select one piece by Thursday, May 20, for an anticipated installation date in June 2010. This competition is open to all artists and each artist may submit up to three works.

Deadline: April 30
For more information: Visit or contact Carrie Blaskowski at or (828) 631-0271.

Gallery Up, Rock Hill, S.C.
Gallery Up presents 30 Small Works 2010. Artists must be at least 18 years of age. All work must be original and made within the last two years. Restrictions apply to two- and three-dimensional works.

Deadline: April 30
For more information: Download the pdf, e-mail or call (803) 980-5355.

The Arts Council of Henderson County, Hendersonville
The annual Henderson County Open Studio Tour will take place Saturday, Sept. 25, and Sunday, Sept. 26. Artists who reside in and/or have a studio in Henderson County are eligible to apply.

Deadline: April 30
For more information: Visit or e-mail

Carolina Gallery, Spartanburg, S.C.
Carolina Gallery in Spartanburg, S.C. is calling for entries in a competition resulting in a photography invitational exhibition in June in downtown Spartanburg. The competition is open to all professional and amateur photographers age 18 or over, currently residing in North Carolina, South Carolina or Georgia. Selected photographers will be invited to participate in a juried show later this year and compete for awards.

Deadline: May 6
For more information: Visit, e-mail or call (864) 585-3335.

SilverDocs Documentary Film Festival, Silver Spring, Md.
SilverDocs annual film festival is accepting submissions for the 2010 festival Tuesday, June 22, through Sunday, June 27, at the AFI Silver Theatre & Cultural Center.

Deadline: March 12 (regular), March 19 (late)
For more information: Visit or e-mail

Female Shorts: Film and Video Showcase, Alexandria, Va.
The Target Gallery at the Torpedo Factory Arts Center announces a call for cinematic works of women in the arts for Female Shorts: Film and Video Showcase Thursday, June 3, through Sunday, June 6. This festival is dedicated and focused to seeking out and promoting cinema created by and for women and is part of the Virginia Commission for the Arts 2010 statewide celebration, Minds Wide Open, which celebrates women in the arts.

Deadline: March 26
For more information:

Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival, New York, N.Y.
The American Museum of Natural History's Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival is the longest-running showcase for international documentaries in the United States. The festival screens documentaries that increase our understanding of the complexity and diversity of the peoples and cultures that populate our planet. Submissions are now being accepted for the 34th annual festival to be held Thursday, Nov. 11, through Sunday, Nov. 14.

Deadline: March 31 (early), May 3 (final)
For more information:

The American Dance Festival, Durham
The American Dance Festival is pleased to announce a call for entries for the 15th annual Dancing for the Camera: International Festival of Film and Video Dance. The festival showcases work that makes innovative statements about the integration of movement and media. Works chosen for the 2010 festival will have the opportunity to be screened alongside classics of the genre in a special program celebrating the festival's 15th anniversary. The 2010 festival will take place Friday, June 25, through Sunday, June 27, at Duke University's White Lecture Hall and the Nasher Museum of Art.

Deadline: April 7 (early), May 7 (final)
For more information: Visit, e-mail or call (919) 684-6402.

Previous Listings
Listed below are previous postings that are still active with links to our Artist Opportunities archives page. You may check the archives page at any time to review all Artist Opportunities that have been posted to date.

Performing Artists

NEA Arts Journalism Institute in Theater and Musical Theater, Los Angeles, Calif.
Deadline: March 11

Lee Street Theatre, Salisbury
Deadline: March 15

American Dance Festival, Durham
Deadline: March 19

Literary Artists

Carteret Writers, Morehead City
Deadline: March 9

Burlington Writers' Club
Deadline: March 13

Wildacres, Little Switzerland
Deadline: March 25

Sourcebooks Inc./Jabberwocky Imprint, New York, N.Y.
Deadline: March 31

McCormick Foundation, Washington, D.C.
Deadline: April 12

Writers' Group of the Triad, Greensboro
Deadline: April 30

Visual Artists

Utah Department of Community and Culture
Deadline: March 4

City of Dubuque, Iowa
Deadline:March 5

City of Palm Desert, Calif.
Deadline: March 5

Tennessee Art League, Nashville
Deadline: March 5

City of Farmington, N.M.
Deadline: March 8

Wake Forest Area Artists' Studio Tour, Wake Forest
Deadline: March 9

Cape Fear Studios, Fayetteville
Deadline: March 10

City of Seattle, WA
Deadline: March 11

Roanoke Arts Commission, Va.
Deadline: March 12

Cary Gallery of Artists
Deadline: March 12

Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods (CHUN), Denver, Colo.
Deadline: March 12

N.C. Seafood Festival, Morehead City
Deadline: March 12

Alpan Gallery, Huntington, N.Y.
Deadline: March 15

Digital Graffiti, Alys Beach, Fla.
Deadline: March 15

Echotrope, Omaha, Nebr.
Deadline: March 15

Wilmington Art Association
Deadline: March 15

Taller Portobelo Norte, Atlanta, Ga.
Deadline:March 19

The Arts & Culture Alliance of Greater Knoxville, Tenn.
Deadline: March 19

Cary Visual Art
Deadline: March 26

Edmonton Arts Council, Alberta, Canada
Deadline: March 29

Press 53, Winston-Salem
Deadline: March 31

First Street Gallery, New York, N.Y.
Deadline:March 31

Utah State University
Deadline: April 1

Washington-Beaufort County Chamber of Commerce
Deadline: April 1

Fine Arts League of Cary
Deadline: April 2

Lancaster County Art Association, Pa.
Deadline: April 4

Newport Arts Festival, Newport, R.I.
Deadline: April 12

Bowery Gallery, New York, N.Y.
Deadline: April 15

Katharine Butler Gallery, Sarasota, Fla.
Deadline: April 17

Manhattan Arts International, New York, N.Y.
Deadline: April 20

New Visions Gallery, Marshfield, Wisc.
Deadline: April 23


Aesthetica Magazine, York, U.K.
Deadline: April 30

Art Links Now Available

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