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Jul 30, 2010

Art With An Infant

Ah--another day in the life of Art With An Infant!  What will the day bring?  Who knows!  I found myself juggling my artwork around--this time it's landed on the kitchen table.  While I balanced the little guy's breakfast on his tray, I thought I'd steal a few moments to work on this little kitty-cat series I recently started.  Ha!  Nice thought--bad application.

After retrieving his 'accidentally' dropped sippy cup four times, I realized my time was not being well managed. So, time for some toast-art!  After gathering up his munched on toast we found this golfing man below.  
Toast Golfing
He's not a masterpiece by any means, but, of course, it was silly fun to make something out of his remnants.

While the baby takes a morning nap I think I'll try my hand again at those cats.  Perhaps I should make sure my hands are free of food bits first, (made the mistake of picking up a painting and oops!  Cheese now on the edge--geesh!).  

You know what a plus is to Art With An Infant?  My own mess gets overlooked as he's trumped me every time with his own!
Poor kitty-cat on the right now with cheese

Have your own art with your little one?  Share it here!  
Off I go--back to the table!



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