Valentine's Day is Just Around the corner!

Aug 13, 2010

The Original Watercolor Paintings Featured on Card Line Available!

Original Watercolor 'Thanks' Frog; license date 2005; 5" x 7"
I am thrilled to announce that the original watercolor paintings that were first licensed in 2005 are now available!  These first three paintings were the basis to the 'Frog Line' that has been sold over 1600 times--with each print being sold over 300 times each.  Feel free to do an internet search for these guys--you'll find them just about everywhere!  (hint:  kerra lindsey frog or icansketchu frog).

Each painting comes signed with a certificate of authenticity and first licensed date.  They are whimsical in nature and made with the finest artist grade paints and Arches cold-pressed watercolor paper.  These would make a great gift and a collectable!  You can't find these any where else!

More will be available soon as I know the Pink Flamingo Line, (my most popular line that has been sold in 15 countries!), has been requested often.  Have an original in mind that you'd like?  Just let me know via email and I'll see if it's still available.