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About Kerra

About The Business

Icansketchu is owned and operated by Kerra Lindsey. Located in Whispering

Pines, North Carolina and close by to Fayetteville and Ft. Bragg.

After traveling--(and living!)-across the United States, it's wonderful to be located

in the southeast! Beautiful weather, foliage and water-so much to be inspired

by! Experiencing the west coast, New England and the deep south have left me

with an appreciation for individuality that could not have culminated otherwise.

My Business Goal

Making art personal is a mission of a lifetime-bringing smiles to others by

capturing moments in time, a glint of the eye and the crook of a smile are


Professional fine art for you, your family or business.

You will be thrilled with a painting from me-guaranteed. It will be done to your

specifications with attention to detail, composition, and medium. You will first be

given a sketch to review via email, then an update half way through the painting.

The final stage will get your approval for any changes and then be mailed out

professionally to your address.


Kerra Lindsey has been trained in Fine Arts and Business at Columbus State

University in Georgia and Jefferson Community College in upstate New York.

Enlisted in the United State Military in 1993 and the spouse of a Special

Operations soldier for almost twenty years. A life-long pursuit in fine arts has

taken her from simple sketches to detailed paintings, magazine layouts,

business relation cards and a professional internationally sold card line.

Kerra had her first work sold in 1994 and was first published in 1999. Her

works have been sold internationally starting in 2007. She was feastured in the

premier series of ABC's: Extreme Makeover in 2007. She was honored at Ft.

Bragg's Women's History Month 2008 for contributions to our military men and

woman. Published in various magazine's in newspapers for her paintings and

contributions to our fallen soldiers. She has won and been recognized in

numerous juried reviews and is a contributing member of the Fayetteville Arts

Council and the Moore County Arts Council in North Carolina.

Kerra currently resides in North Carolina and has strong ties to our military

community and their families which can be seen throughout her portfolio.