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Jul 31, 2010

Art With An Infant

After chasing the little guy away from the dog dish for the 20th time, dinner, clean up, bath and, of course, going out for an adventure with the older two boys, I headed back to the 'cheese' covered painting from yesterday morning.  Seems the smear wasn't too bad and was able to salvage what is to be the 'I'm So Sorry' kitty-cat.  Which, I have to tell you, I find ironic now.  :)

I received an email yesterday from Zazzle letting me know I was picked for their 'Best Awards' page--woo hoo!  Big grins from that an a great motivator to get my hands back in those paints.  It was a design from the Pink Flamingo Line--two pink flamingos who recently got married.   A big thank-you for picking that design!

I'm off to sneak in a few watercolor layers while the little guy is still sleeping--here's hoping I don't add a layer of coffee to go along with it.


Jul 30, 2010

Art With An Infant

Ah--another day in the life of Art With An Infant!  What will the day bring?  Who knows!  I found myself juggling my artwork around--this time it's landed on the kitchen table.  While I balanced the little guy's breakfast on his tray, I thought I'd steal a few moments to work on this little kitty-cat series I recently started.  Ha!  Nice thought--bad application.

After retrieving his 'accidentally' dropped sippy cup four times, I realized my time was not being well managed. So, time for some toast-art!  After gathering up his munched on toast we found this golfing man below.  
Toast Golfing
He's not a masterpiece by any means, but, of course, it was silly fun to make something out of his remnants.

While the baby takes a morning nap I think I'll try my hand again at those cats.  Perhaps I should make sure my hands are free of food bits first, (made the mistake of picking up a painting and oops!  Cheese now on the edge--geesh!).  

You know what a plus is to Art With An Infant?  My own mess gets overlooked as he's trumped me every time with his own!
Poor kitty-cat on the right now with cheese

Have your own art with your little one?  Share it here!  
Off I go--back to the table!



Jul 29, 2010

Art With An Infant

My little Picasso and art partner.  :)

Love art?  Does the thought of a paint brush in your hand bring a grin and inspiration to create?  Hmm--ever tried your hand at art?  That is, with an infant?  The results may surprise you--and they're not what you're thinking.  Art seems to take on a whole new dimension when you're adding in a little one--a little one that decides what and where art is going to be created.  For example, over breakfast this morning, (a nice surprise at 5:30 am), I caught myself creating a masterpiece.  I know, right?  Who would have thought I could have painted a little one's face with cereal and yogurt in such a fashion as to resemble a movie-zombie make-up-artist-style?  Better yet, after eating, as I set my freshly cleaned baby down, I looked down and wha-la!  Instant artwork on my white t-shirt!  It was gorgeous--very 'picasso' like in it's entirety.  Looking at it in the mirror, I could make out different shapes and colors--perhaps it was a jungle scene?  Or maybe a person running down an alley?  I'm wondering if I should just photograph these 'designs' and start posting them as 'new art for the milenium'?  Seems to be the only real art I've been creating as of late, (credit given to the infant, too, of course).
Creativity come in all forms!

What's your style of art with an infant?  Do you have painted walls of sweet potatoes?  Or maybe a circle of rice and peas in an eye catching pattern on the floor?  I'm going to start a collection just for giggles sake.  Ah--only a few hours left until 'we' can create another masterpiece.  I can hardly wait!


Jul 28, 2010

Artists Network - Jen''s Picks: Realistic Drawing Tips

Artists Network - Jen''s Picks: Realistic Drawing Tips

Keys to accurate drawings:

If you can't put a name to the object you are drawing, it's not likely that your mind will predetermine how that object should look in a drawing. Below are two exercises that will help you banish pre-conceived ideas while you observe and draw.

Begin by drawing two squares with the sides of at least 3 inches, (7.6 cm) long. Squares that are much smaller than this will cramp your work space. Keep in mind that teeny tiny drawings allow the creation of teeny tiny errors, which are much harder to see and correct.

Working within a square will provide vertical and horizontal boundary lines for making comparisons. As you observe the shapes within the square's perimeter, ask yourself these questions:

How close to the perimeter is each shape?

How do the angles formed by the shapes compare to vertical and horizontal?

Do the shapes cross through the center of the swaure and if so, by how much?

How does each shape compare in size to ther others around it?
What do the empty spaces surrounding the shapes look like and how large are they?

Making these comparisons will help you see the subject in a anew, more comprehensive way. now, try to draw the shapes in the boxes with as much accuracy as you can.

Jul 26, 2010

Whimsical Feel Better Soon Pink Flamingo Humor Greeting Cards from

Whimsical Feel Better Soon Pink Flamingo Humor Greeting Cards from

You know what's worse than 'feeling blue'? Feeling that way for even one more day! Whether it's a break-up, a job-loss, even just everyday things taking over, don't let it go on any longer. Send your friend a quick pick-me-up in the mail with this personalizable card! Created in watercolor in a whimsical style. This 'once pink' flamingo bird is part of the official Pink Flamingo Line!