Valentine's Day is Just Around the corner!

Jul 31, 2010

Art With An Infant

After chasing the little guy away from the dog dish for the 20th time, dinner, clean up, bath and, of course, going out for an adventure with the older two boys, I headed back to the 'cheese' covered painting from yesterday morning.  Seems the smear wasn't too bad and was able to salvage what is to be the 'I'm So Sorry' kitty-cat.  Which, I have to tell you, I find ironic now.  :)

I received an email yesterday from Zazzle letting me know I was picked for their 'Best Awards' page--woo hoo!  Big grins from that an a great motivator to get my hands back in those paints.  It was a design from the Pink Flamingo Line--two pink flamingos who recently got married.   A big thank-you for picking that design!

I'm off to sneak in a few watercolor layers while the little guy is still sleeping--here's hoping I don't add a layer of coffee to go along with it.


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