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Jul 29, 2010

Art With An Infant

My little Picasso and art partner.  :)

Love art?  Does the thought of a paint brush in your hand bring a grin and inspiration to create?  Hmm--ever tried your hand at art?  That is, with an infant?  The results may surprise you--and they're not what you're thinking.  Art seems to take on a whole new dimension when you're adding in a little one--a little one that decides what and where art is going to be created.  For example, over breakfast this morning, (a nice surprise at 5:30 am), I caught myself creating a masterpiece.  I know, right?  Who would have thought I could have painted a little one's face with cereal and yogurt in such a fashion as to resemble a movie-zombie make-up-artist-style?  Better yet, after eating, as I set my freshly cleaned baby down, I looked down and wha-la!  Instant artwork on my white t-shirt!  It was gorgeous--very 'picasso' like in it's entirety.  Looking at it in the mirror, I could make out different shapes and colors--perhaps it was a jungle scene?  Or maybe a person running down an alley?  I'm wondering if I should just photograph these 'designs' and start posting them as 'new art for the milenium'?  Seems to be the only real art I've been creating as of late, (credit given to the infant, too, of course).
Creativity come in all forms!

What's your style of art with an infant?  Do you have painted walls of sweet potatoes?  Or maybe a circle of rice and peas in an eye catching pattern on the floor?  I'm going to start a collection just for giggles sake.  Ah--only a few hours left until 'we' can create another masterpiece.  I can hardly wait!


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Anonymous said...

Wonderful for additonal stimulus and great for hand/eye coordination.