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Jul 21, 2010

Imagekind Link Found! Where are the rest?

Have you been in Imagekind?  Wow!  What fun looking through all different types of art!  Fine art, whimsical designs--even graphical creations!  Something for eveyone for sure!

I've recently been trying to consolidate my portfolio--you know, leave out the 'er, what the?' images and leave only 'the good stuff'.    This has found me searching through all the sites I've participated with over the years, (since 1994), and what a challenge!  Emails lost in the mass of sites--how to link these all together in one spot?  Hmm--still pondering here as I go through them one by one making lists.  At this point it's pretty overwhelming for sure.

The reason I mention imagekind is because of their layout format--it seems to be one of the best out there.  They have quality products, easy ordering and pretty thorough customer service if you do need help.  Nice!

Stop by if you get a chance--it's candy for the art oriented eyes!


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