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Mar 7, 2010

Artist Alley: Jean Skipper Owner Opening First Friday Night

Oh my--what a delight on a Friday night!

Artist Alley gallery in downtown Southern Pines, NC,  is a treat for the eyes as well for the soul.  They were open late this past friday night, March 5th, for 'First Friday' of the month.  I had an opportunity to meet the owner, Jean Skipper, who is featured to the left, and have a chance to chat with her.  Her personality was purely inviting and her comedic sense was in overdrive.  Not only does she run the shop downtown, but she also caters to an online audience on Etsy.

When I first walked in I was greeted with smiles and chatter of both patrons and artists, (not to mention an offer of a little wine and snacks galore that were spread out throughout her shop), the paintings were more than impressive.  These were no fly-the-wind pieces, either--you could really see the attention to detail and thoughtfulness behind the pieces in their composition, hues, and values.  Jean has some wonderful artists featured throughout her eclectic gallery--there is everything from highly detailed large paintings, to pottery, walking canes and metal sculptures and even hand-made silver dollar rings.  There's something for everyone!  She has everything displayed so you have access to look up close and around each piece available.

In the front of the shop I first noticed these beautiful brass and copper pendants that feature all kind of sweet and funny sayings that are stamped right into the metal.  Come to find out, these were some of Jean's pieces that she creates herself.  They are truly unique and can be found on Etsy as well.

I also had a chance to meet some other artist who were there visiting:  Kathy Miller, (pictured left), and Diane Kraudelt.  Kathy has a fine eye and highly tuned hand to create her beautiful paintings.  She is featured here with some of her boxes that she has painted in acrylic and then lacquered to keep their beauty.  If you click on her name above you can browse through some examples of her work and see the amazing details found in her style.

 Diane (pictured right), has a style that is truly her own with beautiful landscapes and a harmonizing eye for color balance that stands out.  She also creates whimsical animals that make you grin with just a glance.  The animals have strong conture lines and whimsical edge with truly an artistic flare.  Care for a close-up?  You can click on Diane's name above for a visit to her website.

With the inviting atmosphere, pleasant gallery layout and personable hosts one couldn't go wrong with this gem of a shop.  Looking for an artistic treat for your home or business--or perhaps a truly unique gift for a loved one at a reasonable price?  Take a stroll through Southern Pines and stop in on E. New Hampshire Street--where Artist Alley is a pleasant treat!

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