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Apr 11, 2010

Wounded Warrior Project Fundraiser

This is a non-profit venture geared towards our military men and woman who have been injured and wounded in combat.  This fundraiser is geared specifically to Project Odyssey for the Wounded Warrior Project(source:

Wounded Warrior Project believes in the power of nature and recreation to help warriors dealing with combat stress. Project Odyssey, an outdoor rehabilitative retreat that combines adventure challenges with opportunities for peer support and group processing, was created to support warriors in their recovery from combat stress.

Recreational experiences ranging from rock climbing in the Black Hills of South Dakota to herding cattle on Wildcatter Ranch, encourage personal growth among participants and team building within the warrior community.

In conjunction with the National Park Service, Project Odyssey takes place on a variety of geographical locations over the course of five days. Past event sites include Wildcatter Resort & Ranch in Graham, Texas; Marriott Cocoa Beach in Miami, Florida; National Ability Center, Park City, Utah; Acadia National Park in Maine. Each location offers a unique experience that is different from the last and varies based on geographical resources.

Partnering with the Vet Centers across the country, Wounded Warrior Project recruits combat warriors from across the country who are currently enrolled in counseling services. Odyssey allows participants to continue their therapeutic journey in a novel, dynamic setting with peers and support from Wounded Warrior Project and Vet Center professionals.

This fund-raiser will send ALL proceeds to Project Odyssey.

There are several ways to donate to this fundraiser:

  1. * Purchase any 'Support Our Troops' item from and send an email of the purchase to with subject "Wounded Warrior Fund"
  2. * Commission any painting/portrait and reference this fundraiser
  3. * Purchase any greeting card and email the purchase with reference to "Wounded Warrior Fund" to

I have served in the United States military myself and have been married to a special operations soldier for almost twenty years.  Our close ties to our military men and woman have created a live-long pursuit in their long term well being and appreciation for their service.

Together we can give peace of mind and reasurance to our military men and woman that their sacrifices have not been in vain.

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