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Mar 4, 2011

Who Won The Cat Contest?

The Cat Contest has closed-Thank you for playing!
Holy cow--we have a winner!

Seeing your feline friends was so fun! Congratulations to Micha!
Who just won our Cat Contest at Icansketchu! Her 'Zombie' cat scared up the numbers needed to dominate and win the featured spot in a watercolor painting! And, yes, you'll get to see the finished painting! Congratulations to Micha!

Thank you to everyone who had a chance to submit their friends and vote on the winner. I'm still going to see Alicia Nicole Breeding's cat's image in my head for a long time, too.!/profile.php?id=1208517208

I will send out an earlier note of the contest open date
as requested so you don't miss out on the chance to play, too. The next contest is going to be for cainines. To play, all you have to do is:

*click 'like' on the top of the page
*upload your photo for submission in the contest
*click 'like' on your own photo or others to submit a vote

The image with the most 'likes' by contest closing wins. Easy, fun and a unique painting of your pet on top it!

Have a suggestion or request? Feel free to post it here. I will gladly take all the feedback I can get.


1 comment:

Gravityx9 said...

What a great pose! lol! love this black kitty...with a look of surprise!