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Jan 4, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year 2009! Wow--what a year it's been! 2008 brought about many surprises and challenges for all. New friends, new locations, new opportunities--and, unfortunately, the loss of some treasured loved ones. Experiencing life to the fullest is a daily endeavor not to be missed. You never know what's just around the corner--it could be a wonderful new friend, or a funny situation you'll remember for years. We treasure them all.

We relocated in 2008--(a surprise to us!), and found ourselves meeting all sorts of new people. We love our new home and the friends surrounding it. The boys have, of course, gotten older and more adventurous in their pursuits. Our oldest joined the military and is now a full-time soldier for America, (wow!). Our middle boy is wrestling his heart out for his new school. Our littlest son is a computer gamer and is amazingly good at cracking codes and creating creatures we could have never imagined.

Still in the fight in protecting America, we find ourselves still juggling time around home-turf schedules and deployments. We are so proud of our boys, (and girls!), keeping us safe--the amount of work that they do is more than impressive.

Icansketchu is going wonderfully well. Numerous new venues and exposure have helped boost traffic to a previously unimagined level! Thank you to all who have purchased, commissioned and advertised my art--your interest is most inspiring! I am now working on some magazine layouts and new portrait paintings. New paper greeting cards are posted weekly and the response has been impressively positive.

I hope this new year steps off on a positive note for you as well--keep your eyes and options open--you never know what treasure a new experience can be!


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